I took this class w/Caitlin last Fall and it was fantastic! 🤓 Here’s the piece that I wrote for this prompt:

At the Animal Conservation Awards

"Pretty exciting to be nominated for an award."

"I eat them."


"I eat them. The animals I'm saving. The reason I worked so hard to get them off the endangered list is so I could continue eating them."


"I know this is a lot to hear at once but I had to tell someone and you have a kind face."

"Not one that you want to eat, I hope."

"Never people. Never people."

"That's good."

"Never again."


"Huh? Oh, they're about to announce the winner. Good luck! And thank you."

"Don't mention it. Please."

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Temporary is one of the best books I've read recently, so excited to see it made the list!

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I loved this class so much, Caitlin! Are you still thinking of teaching another section with a different platform? The piece I wrote for this prompt turned into about 15,000 words of... something during Jami Attenberg's 1000 days of summer. I keep coming back to it to see what it wants to be!

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